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SimpleGraph MediaWiki module

The SimpleGraph MediaWiki MediaWiki module makes MediaWiki site content accessible to Graph processing. It exposes the MediaWiki API using the mediawiki-japi Library by BITPlan. see MediaWiki API. The initial issue is 3




We'd like to get the pageContent of the MediaWiki article on Cologne


{{Infobox German location
|name              = Cologne
|German_name       = ''Köln''
|type               = City
|image_photo       = Cologne montage.png
|imagesize         = 270px
|image_caption     = From top to bottom, left to right:<br />
[[Hohenzollern Bridge]] by night, [[Great St. Martin Church]], [[Colonius]] TV-tower, [[Cologne Cathedral]], ''[[Kranhaus]]'' buildings in [[Rheinauhafen]], [[MediaPark]]
|image_coa            =Großes Wappen von Köln.svg
|image_flag = Flagge Köln.svg
|image_plan = North rhine w K.svg
|plantext = Cologne within North Rhine-Westphalia
|coordinates       = {{coord|50|56|11|N|6|57|10|E|format=dms|display=inline,title}}
|state        = Nordrhein-Westfalen
|region  = [[Cologne (region)|Cologne]]
|district             = Urban districts of Germany
|elevation              = 37
|area            = 405.15
|population         = 1057327 <!--Technical, do not add dots, references or other, the table is automatically updated-->
|pop_metro   = 3573500
|Stand             = 2014/12/31
|postal_code               = 50441–51149
|PLZ-alt           = 5000
|area_code           = 0221, 02203 ([[Porz]])
|licence               = K
|Gemeindeschlüssel = 05 3 15 000
|LOCODE            = DE CGN
|mayor     = [[Henriette Reker]]
|Bürgermeistertitel = [[Lord Mayor]]
|website           = []
|year              = 38 BC


The following JUnit test case gets a single page as a node. The properties "pageTitle" and "pageContent" are set for each node.

JUnit TestCase

  public void testGetPage() throws Exception {
    MediaWikiSystem mws = new MediaWikiSystem();
    MediaWikiPageNode pageNode = (MediaWikiPageNode) mws
        .connect("", "/w")
    if (debug)
    String pageContent=pageNode.getProperty("pageContent").toString();
    assertTrue(pageContent.contains("[[Category:Cities in North Rhine-Westphalia]]"));